Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, only online appointments are available.

Delivering evidence based cognitive-behavioural therapy to children, adolescents and adults.

How a session works

I offer face to face sessions at Worting House, Basingstoke and I offer online sessions using Microsoft teams.


We meet at the Basingstoke clinic or on a secure virtual platform (Microsoft teams) and have an assessment of current difficulties. This will involve taking a history and looking at current issues and well as collecting at broader information.

If I am seeing a young person, I will take a developmental history. I will ask you to fill out some baseline measures which are repeated throughout therapy. I provide a report addressed to you and copied to relevant agencies with your permission. All documentation is password protected/anonymised.

I also send you consent forms, registration forms, personal information and terms and conditions ahead of our session and please don’t hesitate to contact me with any enquiries. I organise a password with you to receive information back.


I work to a schedule/agenda at each session – if you are face to face, I discuss this at the beginning of the sessions and if you are online, I send you the agenda and any relevant handouts before the session. You are welcome to add to the agenda and this is discussed at the beginning of the session.

Between sessions

You may have some skills building work to complete between sessions – I send you a summary of what we agreed and any relevant handouts/diaries etc. Part of the agenda of each of the sessions is to focus on in between session homework.

I hold mid-therapy reviews and post therapy reviews to audit the therapy process.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a simple platform to use. It can be accessed via a web browser, or you can download the Teams client on your mobile/tablet or PC.

You do not need to create a Microsoft asccount to join my appointments.

While we can speak and see each other in a virtual face to face environment, I also use Teams to share worksheets and other material that may be useful during the session.

How to join on Microsoft Teams

  • Before our meeting I will send a meeting request via email
  • On the date/time of the appointment click Join Microsoft Teams Meeting.
  • The link will take you to a web page asking to either continue the appointment in the browser, or allow you to download the Microsoft Teams app.
  • Type in your name.
  • Choose the audio and video settings relevant to the device/browser you are using.
  • Select Join now.
  • You will then be placed in a lobby where I will admit you into the appointment at the designated time.

These instructions are based on information that is on the Microsoft website here