All referrals should be emailed directly to me. Please do not send to Worting House, which was my previous office address.

Delivering evidence based cognitive-behavioural therapy to children, adolescents and adults.

My current Terms & Conditions will be found on this page. Please note I reserve the right to change these when needed.

This website will contain the latest policy’s for Cognitive Works.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Payment: Self-Funding

– If you are self-funding your treatment you agree to pay the applicable fee for the service that you require from Cognitive Works.

– Payment is due in full 3 days before each appointment date. Cognitive Works reserves the right to cancel the appointment (and any future appointments) on the day if payment has not been received.

– Method of payment is via a bank transfer.

– Cognitive Works reserves the right to change the fee structure at any time.

  1. Payment: Health Insurance

– Please ensure all health insurance details are accurate when entered into the initial registration form, this includes any excess which relates to the policy.

– You agree to pay any excess not covered under your policy. Cognitive Work requires the excess to be paid on a pro-rate basis per a session.

– Excesses are to be paid directly to Cognitive Works, under the same “Self-Funding” terms listed above.

– Cognitive Works does not accept payment from third party medical insurance companies; any payments must be met by the patient.

– Cognitive Works will collect payments directly from the insurance provider. 

  1. Appointment cancellation, Non-attendance or rearrangement

– There is no charge to reschedule or cancel an appointment with Cognitive works if more than 24 hours’ notice is given. If 24 hours or less notice is provided, then the session will be charged in full.

– Please be aware that if you are accessing treatment via a health insurance policy that many policies state that if appointments are non-attended or cancelled within our 24-hour cancelation period that you, as the patient, will be liable for the full fee rather than the insurer. This means a full invoice for the session will be sent to you for payment, and our relevant terms for self-funding will apply.

– If Cognitive Works must cancel a session, there will be no charge.

  1. Disclosure of information

– All accredited CBT therapists receive monthly clinical supervision from another accredited CBT therapist. The client remains anonymous always throughout this process.

– All information disclosed to Cognitive Works is confidential with the following exceptions (a) if there is a disclosure of the abuse of a minor (b) if there is serious and immediate suicidal intent.

– Any further need for the disclosure of information will be fully discussed with you.

– Cognitive works will not share, sell or distribute information about patients.

– Please see our full privacy statement on our website.

  1. Suitability

– Cognitive works is not a suitable service for the actively suicidal client – appropriate services include your GP or A&E.

  1. Liability

 Cognitive Works cannot be held liable if you fail to provide relevant information relating to suicidal ideation, deliberate self-harming behaviour, relevant physical/medical history or psychiatric history.

 Cognitive Works cannot be held liable if you provide false information relating to suicidal ideation, deliberate self-harming behaviour, relevant physical/medical history or psychiatric history.